Legend Zaryana

Legend Zaryana (aka ZarZar for short) hails from Moscow, Russia. ZarZar is very regal, precious and sweet. She is definitely a very good girl. She loves to cuddle. ZarZar has no fear when it comes to new places. You won’t find her cowering in some corner. She will be the star of the show. She is out and about, scouring the terrain for high spots to claim and expand her empire. When ZarZar’s not going for a walk with her brother, mommy, and daddy, she enjoys chopping down on a good chew toy or snuggling up with the family. We can’t forget about her obsession with watching TV made specially for cats.

Emperor Shinzo

Emperor Shinzo (aka Zozo for short) is a blue lynx point with very round human-like pupils. Zozo is a very energetic, athletic, and fearless kitty. He is always at the ready to play and will greet you by the door with a toy in his mouth. Zozo thinks of himself as a guard dog. He is usually following Dr. Setterberg around the house and pounces on any bug that comes near. Zozo is quite agile and gracefully jumps onto the top of his over 6 foot cat tree. He even does half back flips in the air chasing toys. He has a very pure heart and loves to please. After his play time, he’s ready to cuddle up with his sister, mommy, and daddy.

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